VA – Afro Creations, Vol.7 [Zip Download]

Here is a compiled list of songs from Recovery Tech Records. This compilation, is the seventh installment of their Afro Creations Series.

They, captioned this series Afro Creations, Vol.7. And, it houses musics from signed artist like Blaq Soul, Oscar P, Kususa and a lot more.

Check out the Afro Creations, Vol.7 tracklist below.

  • Blaq Soul – Africa Awakes (Blaq Souls Tribal Mix)
  • Daniel Rateuke – Abangane
  • Dj Care, Nino Löwe – African Child (Mina Marti Remix)
  • Gersound – The Sun
  • Ivory (IT) – Liar Liar
  • Jochen Pash – Tukane (Version)
  • Kususa – Malware
  • Mass Digital – Atete
  • Oscar P – Going (****** Afro Mix)
  • Pirate Copy – Tribal On The Terrace (Instrumental)
  • Ryan Murgatroyd – iKalimba (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
  • Sage Monk – Lambs Of The Sumerian Shepherds
  • Sleeping Man – Pororoca
  • Steff Corner – 18 (Afro Carrib Mix)
  • Sven Tasnadi – Tequilla

DOWNLOAD VA – Afro Creations, Vol. 7 ZIP

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