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Touchline ft. Zeeyah – Thuma Mina



Touchline ft Zeeyah – Thuma Mina Lyrics & Mp3 Download

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South Africa buzzing hip hop music sensation TouchLine, finally came through with his much anticipated album titled “19 Flow“, with the project consisting of high performanced guaranteed 11 tracks.


One of the most impressive tracks from that album, is this song which is titled Thuma Mina. On the track Thuma Mina, TouchLine, got assistance from Zeeyah.

Download mp3 song and play audio music online below.

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Touchline Thuma Mina Lyrics ft. Zeeyah

[Hook : Zeeyah]
Tell me what it’s like to be rich
Tell me what it’s like to be happy
Family’s supporting all your dreams
Mom and Dad make things happen
Poverty don’t come around much
Its make it easier to find out
Tell me what it’s like to be you

[Verse 1 : Touchline]
From my lips to God’s ears, a humble request
Ng’cel’ ung’thinte Lord, I’m doing my best
Ung’thume, let them book me where the kids are depressed
Got more in my vocab than money, alcohol, sex
I know they standing and they need you ‘cause they wrestle with stress
Their fees are not paid, but their grit is one way
For them to save their families ‘cause back home it’s a mess
A failed exam is nothing, life itself is a test
Ng’qed’ uk’ drop-a uMa-olaydi e-church, she knows
At sunrise, the sun rises uk’yothesha more
At sunset, the sun sets the stage alight and shows
Too much heat for sunscreen, the sons will scream heat lows
Shining, I exist because the kids need hope
Crying, ‘cause every single headline hits home
Why is Mzansi so cold?
You get killed for being black or a woman, imagine if you are both
She came to me and said umculo wami uyam’ save-a
5 grand and Thula made her change her ways
I-relationship yakhe nabangani iya fade-a
And I said ‘baby girl, the real ones will stay’
This year I met Zola 7, it felt like heaven
Ng’blome naye la kwakhe and he was giving lessons
Ng’mamele njengo mzalwane and he’s the ghetto Reverend
Forget a drought, I reign supreme my favourite weather
Ba jealous-ela umuntu omnyama doing great
‘Cause if you’re self-made you come back to self-hate, mnganani
And when it comes to labels, one day I will explain what up!
Nkosi sikelela, thina namagenge
Ng’cel’ ungabasabi laba mpintj’ abana nix
Thina as’kaze si breech isbhamu, kunini si bridge i-gap
Ang’fun’ ukubona umama alila, ngifuna alilizele (ajabule)
Intwana ziyang’ understand-a
They jump over the railings to touch my hand
I jump over the railings to hug my fans
Because a year ago, nobody knew who I am
(A true hero, puts people before his ego)
Used to play like Ronaldinho
But individual brilliance is not as good as a team goal
Gotta do something for Shakes’ Grandma
For letting us record all this music in her backyard
Had to do it, 19 Flow
Welcome to it!

[Hook : Zeeyah]
Tell me what it’s like to be rich
Tell me what it’s like to be happy
Family’s supporting all your dreams
Mom and Dad make things happen
Poverty don’t come around much
Its make it easier to find out
Tell me what it’s like to be you



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